Hayesville resident Bill Meldram was awarded the prestigious Heart of Gold Award at Hinton Rural Life Center’s November Board of Directors meeting. Meldram, who has served on Hinton’s Board since 2016, received the award for his unwavering dedication and exceptional and selfless service to the community. Hinton’s Heart of Gold Award recognizes individuals who go above and beyond in their volunteer efforts, embodying the spirit of compassion, dedication, and service to others. Meldram’s commitment to Hinton Rural Life Center exemplifies the values this award represents. Board chair Rev. Dr. Tim Moore and Hinton CEO Jacqueline Gottlieb presented the award.

“Bill’s journey as a dedicated volunteer began when he was working as a remodeling contractor,” recalled Hinton CEO and President Jacqueline Gottlieb. “He initiated contact with Hinton to donate items removed from homes during renovation, hoping that they could be repurposed for the benefit of others. Over the years, he has donated a plethora of valuable items, including cabinets, stoves, countertops, and more. These donations have been a lifeline for Hinton, enabling them to provide essential resources for the community and for our retreat and mission team guests who stay at Hinton Center.”

In addition to his generous donations, Meldram has utilized his talents in remodeling and repairs to make a lasting impact on the Hinton campus and has also worked on homes in the community through Hinton’s Safe & Healthy Home Repair program. His expert craftsmanship has transformed spaces, improving the overall functionality and aesthetic appeal of Hinton Center, and his home repair work has enhanced the quality of life for  community members who depend on Hinton Center’s services.

Meldram is also well-known as a dedicated member of Hinton’s Woodchucker volunteers, who work year round to ensure Hinton’s firewood lot is well-stocked for neighbors in need of firewood, ensuring that individuals and families have access to warmth during the region’s cold winter months.

Meldram’s leadership on Hinton’s Board of Directors has included significant initiatives. He chaired Hinton’s 2013-2015 Capital Campaign from 2013 to 2015, chaired the leadership team for Hinton’s inaugural Swing for Hinton, Swing for Hope Golf Tournament in 2021, and led Hinton’s Marketing and Development team in planning and hosting the Center’s first auction and dinner event in 2023. Meldram’s leadership and organizational skills have been instrumental in the success of these important fundraising events.

“Bill’s dedication and selflessness truly shine like gold,” said Gottlieb in her remarks as Meldram received the Heart of Gold Award, on November 3. “His unwavering commitment to making a difference in the lives of others has left an indelible mark on our hearts and our community. His kindness, compassion, and tireless efforts have inspired us all.  Bill is a beacon of hope and a shining example of what it means to have a heart of gold. We are so grateful for Bill’s incredible contributions and the positive impact. He is a true hero, and we thank God for his involvement in this community and with Hinton Rural Life Center. The Heart of Gold Award is a small token of our appreciation for his enormous contributions. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Bill Meldram and look forward to many more years of partnership in our shared mission to uplift and support this community.”