Mission Outreach - Group Dietary Information
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We strive to accommodate special requests/dietary restrictions but are limited in our offerings. Our kitchen routinely handles peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, seafood, wheat flour, dairy, onions, garlic, and other potential allergens. While we follow all NC Environmental Health Department guidelines for proper food handling and preparation, we are not an allergen free kitchen. PLEASE NOTE, in the comment space provided, if food allergies are airborne, contact, and/or ingested and if reaction would be severe.

Please complete the information below so that we can accurately plan meals for your group.
Will there be any vegetarians?
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Are there any people who require gluten-free meals?
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Is anyone CELIAC?
Does anyone have an EGG allergy?
Does anyone have a MILK/CASEIN allergy?
Does anyone have a PEANUT allergy?
Does anyone have FISH or SHELLFISH allergies?
Does anyone have a SOY allergy?
Does anyone have a TREE NUT allergy?
Does anyone have a WHEAT allergy?
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Please let those with dietary needs/ allergies know to alert the kitchen staff of their needs, as sometimes there are other dishes set aside for those with special circumstances. For example, someone who is celiac may have a gluten-free pasta option. Thank you!

Please note: Extremely restrictive diets, outside of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free, may be challenging. Those with other dietary restrictions should consider bringing supplemental foods such as snacks, cereals, breads, and salad dressings, or your own portioned, ready to microwave meals.

As a group leader, you are responsible for turning in this information in advance. If you have someone in your group who has an allergy or food intolerance/preference that you’ve not turned in, our kitchen staff will not be able to accommodate the request.